The Dean's Award 2021

The Dean of the Faculty of Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague announces the Dean's Award 2021.

The Dean's Award of DAMU is awarded annually to male and female students of DAMU for their outstanding contribution to the development of the faculty. The award is individual and is intended exclusively for those who are currently studying in one of the DAMU study programmes. 

The award is associated with a financial reward of CZK 30.000,-.

Nominations of male and female students should be delivered in writing to the DAMU Secretariat to the hands of Linda Pech Lidmilova by 30 November 2021

Nominations for the Dean's Award are open to all members of the DAMU academic community, and each nomination must be signed by at least three of them. The nomination form can be downloaded HERE.

The results of the Dean's Prize will be announced during the DAMU Academic Assembly, which will take place on 2 December 2021 at the DISK Theatre. We ask all nominees to attend this meeting. 

The Dean reserves the right not to award the prize. 

Doc. Mgr. MgA. Karel František Tománek 
Dean of DAMU

3. November 2021