We would like to draw your attention to the Rector's updated measure on the operation and functioning of AMU as of 19 July 2021 (HERE) in relation to the updated protective measure of the Ministry of Health No.MZDR 20599/2020-99/MIN/KAN dated 16 July 2021 effective as of 19 July 2021 (HERE).

The latest update of the measure concerns returns from abroad (and now including low-risk countries!) - it applies to employees, teachers as well as students!!!

The list of countries and their classification according to the level of risk can be found on the MFA website HERE.

ATTENTION - these obligations still apply to all employees, teachers and students!: 

All AMU employees and students who have returned from countries on the list of countries at low (note: up to now, medium risk) to extreme risk of COVID-19 (staying more than 12 hours in the last 14 days, or 24 hours if they are neighboring countries) have:

1) be obliged to inform the AMU of this fact (return from abroad)

2) in the case of return from countries with a low or medium risk of COVID-19 disease, the obligation to provide proof of a negative antigen test within the last 48 hours or a negative PCR test within 72 hours. (The person may be admitted to his/her employer's workplace until the test result is available, but must use respiratory protective equipment, which is a respirator or similar device, until the result is available.)

3) If returning from countries with a high or higher risk of COVID-19, the person must provide proof of a negative PCR test within the last 72 hours.

All employees and students of DAMU are obliged to fulfill the above mentioned duties before/on arrival at AMU/DAMU - without a negative test, presence at the workplace or at a lesson or exam/school is not possible!!

Who is exempted from the obligation to prove the test (not from the obligation to inform about the return from abroad!):

a) employees and students with more than 14 days old full vaccination (proven by national certificate of completed vaccination!!).

b) or staff and students who have had COVID-19 in the past 180 days (now proven by a doctor's certificate or digital COVID certificate, not by an affidavit!!!).

How to report the return from abroad and prove a negative test?

- All DAMU employees and students should send information about their return from abroad + proof of a negative test electronically to (if the person has only a written paper confirmation, he/she should scan it and send it electronically to the e-mail address provided).

- All staff (teaching staff, administrative staff) should send the information + test certificate to their supervisor (teaching staff to their Head of Department + Department Secretary) in addition to the above address

- All students will send information + confirmation of the negative test, in addition to the above address, also in copy to their lecturer + secretary of their department

Please refer to the Ministry of Health‘s measure (link above) for details.

Thank you for understanding and respecting these regulations/measures.


Ing. Iva Štverákové, Secretary of DAMU

Doc. Karel František Tománek, Dean of DAMU

28. July 2021