Given that we are only at the beginning of an important dialogue sparked by the NE!MUSÍŠ TO VYDRŽET initiative, and knowing that concrete action will not happen immediately, I would like to offer a safe space on behalf of the faculty to all those who wish to share their experiences.

You may contact the Vice-Dean Alice Koubová via email ( or by phone 723315430.

The Vice-dean assures all participants in all communications regarding this matter:

From the beginning, we have been in intensive contact with representatives of the NE!MUSÍŠ TO VYDRŽET initiative. We believe that this collaboration also establishes trust, which is crucial to addressing ethical issues at our faculty.

We do not promise immediate action and lightning solutions, but we do promise a consistent concern for the problems, a readiness to investigate specific reported cases, and a commitment to change certain aspects of the ethical culture based on a long-term dialogue on various platforms at DAMU.

You can contact us with suggestions for solutions, concrete proposals or recommendations. Our goal is an interconnected institution that can not only communicate openly but also solve its problems together. 

This offer applies to current and former DAMU students, their teachers, and faculty members who would like to comment on the issue.


Your dean

Karel František Tománek

14. July 2021