Operations and running of DAMU from 24 May 2021

In connection with the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic No. 14600/2021-11/MIN/KAN from 19 May 2021 (HERE) and extraordinary measure of the ministry from 22 May 2021 No. 21735/2021-1/MIN/KAN (HERE) the operations and running of DAMU and the operating regime of the faculty administration, effective as of 24 May 2021, will be organized as follows:

  • In-person practical as well as theoretical education and training/practice of students is allowed (all study subjects/programmes, all years), including individual teaching of stage speech, voice education and singing. During the lessons, with the exception of practical lessons and training/practice, and during exams, it is necessary to keep the minimal distance of 1.5 m. All the obligatory hygienic regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic are in force during all the lessons.




Doc. Karel František Tománek, Dean of DAMU

Ing. Iva Štveráková, Secretary of DAMU

21. May 2021