The rainbow flag flies at DAMU

On the occasion of the 12th edition of the Prague Pride multi-genre festival, DAMU wants to express respect and solidarity with all people who experience violence, exclusion or discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Prague Pride festival aims to raise awareness of human rights and celebrate the diversity of human beings. According to research, many people in the Czech Republic are still hiding their sexual orientation at work, and at school young LGBTIQ+ people are targets of bullying and hurtful statements that will mark them for life. They also often do not know with whom they could address the situation at school or in the workplace. 

At DAMU, students and staff can contact the ombudsman from May 2022. Learners dealing with their identity can also seek help from a school psychologist. "DAMU wants to be a school and a workplace for everyone without distinction. Sexual orientation or gender identity must not be a reason for denying a role in a particular production or stopping career progression, for example to a position as a supervisor or head of department. Diversity is enriching and unequal access deprives us of exceptional talent, great artistic experiences and motivated colleagues. Protecting human rights is a never-ending journey. In order not to go back along it, it is important to remember the obstacles that LGBTIQ+ people face in Czech society, even in a symbolic way", says Petr Polák, the DAMU ombudsman.  

Link to the official website of the Prague Pride festival HERE. 

Summary of the former ombudsman's 2018 research "Being LGBT+ in the Czech Republic"

Contacts to the DAMU ombudsman HERE

Contacts for the DAMU school psychologist HERE

8. August 2022