Instructions for mandatory testing of DAMU employees from 31 Januaury 2022

This measure supplements the Rector's Measures on the Operation and Running of the Academy of Performing Arts from 17 January 2022 by requiring staff to be tested for SARS-CoV-2 antigen HERE and answering frequently asked questions HERE

Testing: AMU will arrange for its employees to be tested by rapid antigen test (RAT) through an outside medical testing company.

Timing of testing
Preventive testing by the employer is required on the day an employee first arrives at the workplace in a given week. For the purposes of this measure, workplace includes any other place designated for the performance of work or official duties, but not a teleworking (home office) location.

Date and place of testing and confirmation of testing
Testing by a health care provider shall take place Mondays from 9.00 to 11.00, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.00 to 10.00 in the DISK Theatre production room. Reservations are required for this type of testing through the reservation system: HERE.

Please note: In the event of insufficient or excessive bookings, the time allocated for testing may be cancelled or increased.

If it is not possible to attend the announced dates, at the moment of arrival at the workplace, the employee will use the lone concierge to use the designated areas.

The persons authorized to issue the certificate of participation in preventive testing by the employer (AMU) are Ing. Zuzana Švehlová ( and MgA. Tereza Došlová ( Please send your request for confirmation by email to the above addresses. The confirmation will be available at the DAMU concierge after the necessary administrative tasks have been completed.

A confirmation of the test result conducted by the health officer can be issued by the health officer.

In case of a positive test, the employee will go to isolation and the authorized persons of DAMU Ing. Zuzana Švehlová and MgA. Tereza Došlová report the fact to the sanitary station on the basis of the records in the information system.

Frequency of testing
Testing at the workplace will take place at a frequency of twice a week on a date set by the AMU so that the next testing of an employee will take place no earlier than the third day after the previous testing. Typically, the frequency will be Monday and Thursday (or Friday) and Tuesday and Friday.

In the case of employees who perform on-the-job duties on only one or two days following the date of the first AMU test or its documentation and are absent from the workplace on the other days of the workweek. In this case, they are only required to test once per week (or to document testing once) on the first day they are present at the workplace. Employees who are not present at the workplace even once during the work week do not have to be tested.

Exception to the testing requirement
The requirement to undergo preventive testing on a specific one-week testing date does not apply to a person who:

The employee shall be obliged to prove to the employer the facts referred to in the preceding paragraph:

Records of test results and evidence of infection-free status of DAMU employees

Test results and evidence of infection-free status are recorded in the information system for employees as follows.

The results of AG tests carried out by a health service provider on DISK premises are recorded by that provider.
Results of self-tests provided at the concierge desk are recorded at the concierge desk.
Departmental secretaries, DISK secretaries and authorised persons in the dean's office record other documents (PCR tests), AG tests performed by another health service provider and certificates from another provider with the relevant staff members.

AMU does not provide testing for students. Students are encouraged to be tested regularly for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen, given that it is a prerequisite for being on the AMU campus that persons are free of infection.

Other persons

Employees of third parties
An AMU employee who is responsible for contact with employees of other companies or self-employed persons on AMU premises when providing purchased services is required to verify their infection-free status, which is evidenced by a statement that:

Verification of the infection-free status of employees of other companies or self-employed persons is provided by Ing. Antonín Loský for activities related to the technical operation of DAMU and the secretaries of the departments and DISK Theatre for activities of their departments. If the employees of other companies or self-employed persons cannot prove themselves in this way on the spot, an AMU employee shall arrange for a rapid antigen test (RAT) designed for self-testing, which is available at the reception desk and for which the foyer of the DISK Theatre is designated.

Study applicants, lifelong learners and participants in other AMU courses

The prerequisite for admission to the individual DAMU departments is infection-free. The staff responsible for teaching, course delivery or holding the entrance examination will ask for testing in advance, or the presentation of a certificate of the results of such a test. In the absence of such confirmation, a self-test can be provided, which is available at the concierge desk and for which the foyer area of the DISK Theatre is designated.

Please note: Respiratory hygiene measures, use of online and home-office to reduce face-to-face contact, etc. are still effective.

Certain provisions may be subject to operational changes or clarifications in connection with new legislative changes, DAMU operational limits, etc.

Mgr. Bc. Jan Sedláček, Ph.D., Secretary of DAMU

doc. MgA. Mgr. Karel František Tománek, Dean of DAMU

30. January 2022