DAMU Statement Concerning the #nemusistovydrzet Initiative

The #nemusistovydrzet Initiative (see the video recording of the Initiative performance here) opens the topic considered extremely important by all DAMU Officials.

Dignified treatment and non-discriminatory healthy environment for all students and employees is of highest priority to the new DAMU management, in the office since March 2021.

We support the idea of a wide debate leading to establishing the institution of Ombudsman or Ethics Mediator. We wish to provide all those who encounter any form of discrimination with clear guidelines how to proceed, without fear of repercussions.

If prompt action is required in view of the Initiative, we are ready to look for a solution by all available means, including cooperation with authorities dealing with criminal proceedings.

At the next session of the Academic Senate of DAMU I will introduce a specific measures proposal for which I will require support. I am willing to submit the results of our collective discussion to the Rector of AMU, and put them into practice.

doc. Karel František Tománek

1. July 2021