International online conference Theatre Audiences: The Crucial ASSET

The Department of Arts Management DAMU in cooperation with the Institute of Arts - Theater Institute and European partners within the Audience Segmentation System in European Theaters program, supported by the Creative Europe program, invites you to the conference Theater Audiences: The Crucial ASSET, which is taking place on 26 and 27 May 2021.

The conference will present the results of a two-year audience survey, which took place in theatres in Prague, Zagreb, Vienna, Sofia and Helsinki. Experts from the United Kingdom and their European partners will present the methodology of theatre audience segmentation and audience data in five European capitals. The resulting models of segmentation of theatre visitors will try to answer whether the European audience forms a homogeneous whole and the specifics of individual countries. This will be followed by an international panel discussion of representatives of public administration and cultural experts on the topic of data available at the local and international level and the effectiveness of their use in cultural policy and planning.

The second day will offer an interactive program - a segmentation workshop led by the British The Audience Agency and a discussion on the European Theater Night as a project with an international dimension, the main focus of which is audience development. There is also an off program with performances and demonstrations from the theatres in which the research took place. For the Czech Republic, it was the National Theater, Švanda Theater, Studio Dva and Jatka78. The whole event will take place in English with the interpretation of selected parts into Czech for registered participants.

The first day's program will be broadcast live on the YouTube platform and accessible without the need for registration. However, free registration will allow participants to access the event on the Zoom platform, where the program will be translated into Czech, the opportunity to participate in the second working day of the conference, access to video content provided by theatres that are part of the ASSET project and the opportunity to participate in ASSET Watch Party.

In June, the AMU Publishing House plans to publish the book Audience at Centerstage, which summarizes the course of the ASSET project and its most important results. It will also be available in electronic form and registered participants will receive it by e-mail.

ASSET (Audience Segmentation System in European Theaters) is a project supported by the Creative Europe program. It aims to strengthen the capacity for audience research and development in the field of performing arts. The main organizers are the Department of Production at DAMU, project partners are The Audience Agency (Great Britain), Institute of Arts - Theater Institute (Czech Republic), Narodno sveušiliště Dubrava (Croatia), IG Kultur Österreich (Austria), Arts Project Foundation (Bulgaria) and Metropolia University (Finland). In addition to the project partners, not only 20 European theatres, where data were collected, but also other theatres and cultural organizations involved in the European Night of Theaters participated in the audience research and implementation of its results in deepening the relationship with the audience, marketing activities and creating an artistic program.

You can find a detailed program on the project website HERE and in the Facebook, event to follow other news HERE.

You can register through the form HERE.



17. May 2021