Extraordinary measures concerning the entry of persons into the DAMU building

Dear colleagues and students,

Based on an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of 5th March 2021 with effect from 17th March 2021, only those persons who can prove a negative result of an antigen or PCR test for COVID-19 at the gatehouse will be allowed to enter the faculty building. The test must not be older than seven days!

At the same time, all those who have suffered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days will be able to enter the DAMU building (calculated from the first positive test, as evidenced by a solemn declaration, which can be found in the appendix or can be downloaded HERE) and also all those who were vaccinated (after 14 days from the last required dose, evidenced by a vaccination certificate).

Employees can use testing at the faculty, which according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health must be provided by public universities for their employees. Students who are to be present on the school premises arrange for testing at a maximum interval of seven days themselves!. Test dates at school are not intended for them. However, according to the decision of the Rector's Board, their access to the school is subject to the same rules as the access of the school staff.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and sensitive perception of the meaning of these measures.

Doc. Mgr. MgA. Karel František Tománek, Dean of DAMU

Ing. Iva Štveráková, DAMU Secretary

16. March 2021