Admission tests at DAMU will be possible thanks to antigen testing

Considering the current situation, the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague has decided to set up a Covid-19 antigen testing point for applicants taking admission tests at the Department of Dramatic Theatre.

The high number of applicants for the Acting of Dramatic Theatre programme combined with a highly individual and specific format of the talent tests prevents organising the admission tests online. Antigen testing will allow for the first round of the admission tests to be organised in an almost standard form. The observance of sanitary measures such as social distancing, hand sanitising, and protecting mouth and nose (except the actual art exam) will be a matter of course, as will the observance of the Government ordinance prohibiting the attendance of more than ten people.

Applicants will undergo the antigen test on site free of charge, or they can produce a test certificate not older than two days. Furthermore, they will have to sign a solemn declaration that no quarantine was imposed on them during the last ten days and that they have not been experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. In the event of a positive test result, applicants will be offered a substitute date. The test panel members will also undergo antigen testing.

The first round of the admission tests for the Acting of Dramatic Theatre programme will take place on every business day from 1 to 9 February. The method for organising the subsequent rounds and the admission tests for the other departments of the Theatre Faculty of AMU has not been decided yet, and will depend on the current developments.

21. January 2021