Festival Proces 018 - this week at DAMU!

PROCES 018 aged faster than others...

It doesn´t matter if we want it or not, during the adulthood we have to face many exams. And Proces 018 isn't an exception. But we hope, that this three-day long exam will be a shared and pleasant experience for us.

Come to enjoy it on 24. - 26. 6. 2020

PROCES 018 is going to be realized! - FACEBOOK EVENT


Reservations are available only for selected performances with limited capacity. List of these performances can be found at cutt.ly/proces18res, where you will be able to see if there are any free places left, To make sure your place will be reserved, please send your reservation request to. Your reservation is valid only after receiving a confirmation email!

With the beginning of the show we always wait for the end of the previous one!

22. June 2020