Resumption of reservations and loans within PLATO platform

With a reference to the actual state of affairs and ongoing security precautions due to the epidemy of COVID-19, the central DAMU storage K6 linked to the rental system PLATO will be re-opened gradually. Since 19th May it will be possible to process your rentals every Tuesday from 12AM to 6PM. For further actual information about opening hours of the storage please follow the news at the official PLATO homepage <>.


All rentals, which could have not been returned due to the school enclosure from 11th March 2020, will be automatically pro-longed until 9th June 2020 with a nullified penalisation. This deadline is mandatory and for the returning please use specified opening hours. In the case of any individual trouble in order to assure your returnal within required deadline due to the ongoing nonstandard situation please contact the administrators at <>.

19. May 2020