Theory and Criticism


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Programme objectives
Graduate profile

Programme objectives

The field`s basic point of departure is to view dramatic and theatrical creation not as a result, but as a process. The instruction is closely linked to creation, and students can also become acquainted with the specific practical aspects of creation through their own creative experimentation. Students will become acquainted with all components of theatrical creation: directing, dramaturgy, acting, stage design, production; they are introduced to issues of puppet theatre and to the particularities of interpreting a dramatic text, and emphasis is also placed on recognising significant trends in contemporary European dramatic and theatrical arts. The backbone of the Bachelor`s programme is a seminar on criticism, in which students learn to perceive and reflect on specific theatrical works of the most variegated genres, and become acquainted with the development of Czech theatrical criticism as well as with the principles of critical writing. The theory cultivated in the department also takes into consideration theatrical creation as a process, and attempts to view it "from within", i.e. through its specific and practical aspects, which are gradually generalised. The history of theatre is treated within the scope of school-wide subjects and also selectively in the firm of several seminars; these are intended to help students to understand the context of theatre's development, the blending and mutual influence of theatrical cultures on the European continent, and last but not least to teach them to perceive the state of contemporary theatrical culture as a necessary and logical consequence of this development. In the third year, students will perform two internships (in the school?s theatre, DISK, preparing the graduate production, or in another of Prague`s theatres), the output of which is a detailed critical reflection on the process with a focus on all components and their interaction.

Graduate profile

Graduates apply their skills first and foremost in areas of reflection on artistic creation (journalistic criticism, scholarly publication activity, media), in actual theatre operations (lecturer of dramaturgy, assistant, etc.), in institutions of cultural policy (public official, methods specialist, etc.), and also of course in the more broadly conceived cultural and educational sphere (publishing houses, agency activity, etc.).


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