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Programme objectives
Graduate profile

Programme objectives

The programme in production at AMU`s theatre faculty prepares students for professional work in operating various types of theatres, not only on the level of knowledge, but also in the sense of a creative approach to this profession, abilities of initiating artistic activity, its reflection and constructive opponency.
The study plan of the Bachelor`s programme offers lectures and (mostly) seminars in the theory and history of theatre, economics, law, management and marketing. Students acquire knowledge in fields such as the establishment and operation of theatrical institutions and projects, fundraising, promotion, theory of communication, promotion and PR, cultural policy, etc., and master organisational, communicative and other skills. Great emphasis is placed on the methods and possibilities for practical application of this knowledge in the context of running an artistic operation, of course mainly a theatre.

Graduate profile

A graduate in the field of production is able to perform most theatrical professions in the administrative, economic and operational segments up to the level of middle management in large repertory theatres and up to the level of top management in small theatrical organisations.
Graduates most frequently find employment not only in theatres but also in various cultural institutions as heads of production teams, managers of theatre troupes or projects, heads of business or contact (marketing) departments or as fundraisers, but also as initiators, managers and administrators of independent theatrical productions (producers).


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