Admission Procedures


Admission for Academic Year 2022 / 2023 will be open at the end of February

Master Degree in Directing of Devised and Object Theatre / D.O.T

Applications for Academic Year 2022/2023

Preliminary application deadline:

3rd of April 2022

Preliminary dates of auditions with selected candidates:

First round: 5th and 6th of April 2022 (no applicants presence required)

Second round: 25th and 26th of April 2022 (auditions with selected candidates)

Applicant requirements:

The programme is designed for applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree of any type. Due to the ever-expanding field of performative arts and their application in society as a whole, the area of the first level of education of applicants for study is not limited in any way and previous experience with the performing arts is not required.

Students must demonstrate an appropriate level of spoken and written English for creative university study, interest in studying, ability of self-presentation and ability of presentation of the own artistic vision.

To participate in the admission procedure, the applicant must submit all the necessary documents and a completed application.

All materials must be submitted in English (or must be translated into English) and delivered via electronic application tool at by the application deadline.

Applicants must submit:

  • Online application form completed at with the entrance exam fee (payable in the application via credit/debit card),
  • motivational letter, including the reasons why they have chosen the program,
  • compilation of samples of their creative work in PDF format with links to audiovisual documentation and including detailed descriptions, reflection on, and photographic documentation of the works (up to 10 MB file),
  • a written description of their envisioned Masters Study Project, their intentions in the course of study, and vision of their future professional activities,
  • CV with headshot,
  • an appropriate letter of reference.

Beside the online application form the applicants must send in hard version relevant qualifications (notarized copy of bachelor degree / diploma) by mail.

If accepted, applicants must apply for official validation of their previous degree(s) to AMU:

When applying, please follow the instructon published at AMU website After validation is finished sucesfully, the official Letter of acceptance will be issued and delivered to applicant.  Letter of acceptance is required document for Visa aplication. We recommend to all non-European applicants to contact the Czech Embassy in their country so they can apply immediately after receiving our official Letter of acceptance.

Course of admission procedure: 

The admission procedure composes of two rounds. Participation of applicants in first round is not required. Selected candidates will be invited for the second round audition no later than 11th of April 2022. The audition will take place on 25th or 26th of April 2022. Audition will be done as a video call.

Framework of individual rounds and criteria for evaluating results: 

1st round:

The entrance committee evaluates applications to asses talent prerequisites, the capability of analytical reflection, a sense of image and composition, and independent thinking on the basis of the submitted documentation for the first round. 

Applicant can earn a maximum of 30 points in first round. A minimum of 15 points are required to pass to second round. Applicants who will not earn 15 points will be delivered a decision of non-acceptance for studies.

2nd round: 

The applicants invited for second round will be sent assignment of creative tasks in advance.

The second round composes of following tasks:

  • Interview concluded online via video conference tool,
  • presentation of practical tasks.

The entrance committee evaluates all parts of second round to assess the applicant’s demonstration of creative thinking, communication ability, artistic interpretation of the task and level of knowledge in cultural context.

Applicant can earn a maximum of 35 points in second round. A minimum of 20 points are required to meet the admission requirements. If applicant earn at least 20 points, he/she will be proposed by the entrance committee to admit for studies. 

Maximum number of applicants admitted to study:

DAMU sets the maximum number of applicants accepted for study in this study programme. The number of applicants admitted to the study may be lower than the maximum number set in case there is a lower number of applicants who have fulfilled the admission requirements. If a larger number of applicants meet the admission requirements, applicants up to the highest number will be admitted in order of preference.

Maximum number of applicants admitted to study: 6 students. 

Health ability:

Not required for admission to this study program.

Method of assessing apologies:

In the case that the candidate did not attend the admission procedure for very serious reasons, he / she may, as soon as possible after the admission procedure, ask the Dean of DAMU in written form for the possibility of execute in the alternative date. In the application, the applicant substantiates the reasons for his / her non-participation with relevant and verifiable documents. The Dean, in cooperation with the chairman of the commission, will assess whether is or isn´t possible to accept the application for substitute date due to the schedule of the ongoing admission procedure and the capacity and personnel possibility of the faculty, and will notify the candidate in writing of its reasoned justification. The candidate has no legal right to a substitute exam date.


Claudia Cristina Maldonado Romero

Course leader MA Directing of Devised and Object Theatre

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