Election Manual


Download HERE.


Problems with logging in to the application

If you have problems with logging in to the application, make sure that you are really entering the correct user information (user name and main password for the AMU network). If the problems with login persist, contact your Faculty IT administrator or AMU’s Computer Centre.

Problems with submitting votes

If you have problems with submitting your vote or if your vote was submitted without confirmation, make sure that you are using supported web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge or Safari). The application does not support older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8. To run the application, you need the javascript permitted and Cookies on.

What equipment do I need for the electronic election?

Any personal computer or notebook with Internet connection and with a current web browser will do. For web browsers, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

Can I vote from a mobile phone?

Yes, the election app is also modified for mobile devices with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Do I need any special software? Do I have install anything?

No special software is required. Just open the website at https://volby.amu.cz/ and start voting.

How will my identity be verified?

We will verify your identity simply, in a standard way using your login information that you also use to log in to etc. If you do not remember your login information, please contact your IT administrator as soon as possible.

Dow do you prevent me from voting twice?

The electronic system is set up so that it will not let you vote twice. It records which voters voted and when, and then disable their access to additional vote. This is similar to the election panel crossing your name out in the list during physical election.

How is the security of the election secured?

In security, we have focused primarily on two aspects: to prevent tampering with election results and ensuring a secret vote. Tampering with election results is prevented through maximum possible data linking through check sums. Any tampering with data (e.g., with ballots or voter lists) would mean breaking this integrity and would be apparent immediately. The secrecy of the vote is covered using advanced strong encryption techniques. Only the election panel will hold the key to the reading of the votes, and thus evaluating the election results. Unlike with other systems, even IT administrators will not be able to find any information – they will only find indecipherable password-protected data in the database. In addition to these extraordinary measures, we obviously apply all other standard tools for ensuring the security of information systems.