How to be a support in a difficult life situation?

Many of us who come into contact with people who are personally affected by the war in Ukraine may experience a sense of helplessness and frustration at not knowing how to behave in such a moment.

We have therefore arranged professional help with DAMU psychologist Martin Sedláček. Martin will prepare a simple guide to the basics of crisis intervention so that you know how to express support, offer help, show understanding, and ask questions.

We will post the guide on the Faculty website in the Psychological Support section and also as an update.

There will be an online meeting with Martin today, March 1, 2022, at 6:00 pm, where he will present this guide and answer your specific questions. The meeting will take place in MS Teams at this link. We'll also post a recording of the meeting on the website afterwards, in the same section as the guide itself.

Thank you! 

28. February 2022