Operations and Running of DAMU from 28 February to 23 March 2021

In light of the current situation and the recently issued government measures, all existing measures concerning the running of DAMU Academy and the operating regime of the faculty administrative staff (valid until 28 February 2021) remain effective up until 21 March 2021.

Operations and Running of DAMU:

DAMU Library opening hours: the study room remains completely closed, opening hours of the library: Monday through Thursday 10 am – 3 pm, Friday CLOSED

PC room: closed

Academic Office: standard office hours apply – Monday through Thursday (10 am – 12 pm)

Central storeroom for technical equipment (PLATO): loans are limited to technical equipment needed for organization of distance education, the opening times of the storeroom are limited to Tuesday and Thursday from 12 pm to 4 pm – loans and returns of technical equipment are possible only after previous phone/email arrangement with the storage managers (Jiří Ladzianský – jiri.ladziansky@damu.cz or Josef Maděra – josef.madera@damu.cz)

The operations of the administrative staff are partially limited. Individual measures apply in case of the presence of more employees in one office. Office days at the department secretariats are set at Tuesday and Thursday.

Within this regime and with regards to the current situation, it is still important to strictly observe all health regulations and recommendations, such as protection of airways, hand washing, keeping distance between employees, frequent disinfection of entrance ways/door handles to individual offices and administrative spaces.

DAMU Reception: remains open 24/7 – the receptionist on duty, who allows students into the DAMU building (in compliance with the above-mentioned valid measures), will write the student’s name down in the registration book and announce their arrival via phone call to the DAMU library, Administrative Office, secretariat of the concerned department, storeroom (depending on the purpose of the student’s visit). When exams are taking place, the department secretary will provide a list of names of students/applicants to the DAMU reception in advance who have been granted permission to be present in person at a particular exam – the receptionist on duty will proceed based on the provided lists of names of reported students/applicants.

Document record service: incoming and outgoing mail, organized through the AMU filling office, will be further organized in a standard regime only from Monday to Thursday.

Mgr. MgA. Doubravka Svobodová, Dean of DAMU

Ing. Iva Štveráková, Secretary of DAMU

3. March 2021