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PuppeTry is the new Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme, set up by four Central European theatre academies: the University of Theatre and Film (SZFE) in Budapest, Hungary; the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw and the Puppet Theatre Arts department in Bialystok, Poland; the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. All the Students will spend one semester at each school. The intention of the programme is to offer the students unique chance to experience the different artistic methods and aesthetic approaches of teachers of four academices, to develop a complex artistic personality while empahizing working in a team and to connect students to the professional art network around Europe. strengthen the strategic role of Central European puppetry training, the exchange of methods and educational approaches in the context of puppet theatre and material performance in the 21st century.

Cíle studia

The study programme PuppeTry will offer a unique chance for the students to experience different artistic methods and aesthetic approaches under the leadership of local and guest teachers, attaining knowledge, skills, ideas and practice in both traditional techniques and contemporary object and material theatre of the 21st century. This will be provided through a rotating system which will operate semester by semester in each of the four academies. A selected topic for each semester will be designated within the syllabus of the programme, and elaborated by the four academies in relation to the aesthetic specialisations of each academy. The students will have the opportunity to meet internationally acclaimed Masters of puppet theatre.
The main aims of the PuppeTry EMJMD are: to educate and guide students in order for them to be prepared for professional careers as puppet, object and material theatre artists through practical artistic activities and projects; to initiate students‘ creative research in the area of contemporary puppet theatre and its related forms in order to improve their own artistic development; to foment the students‘ development of wider skills in the area of performing arts and artistic creation; to develop a knowledge of how to disseminate their artistic achievements, instilling an appreciation of professional ethics and promoting theatre culture.
Students will learn to create theatre performances and to work with a variety of stage techniques in the field of contemporary puppetry, object and material performances.
They will engage with all phases of creating a performance project, including: the selection of themes; the building of conceptual and dramaturgical structures; the processing of material, sound, visual and spatial design; engaging with dramaturgical work with material; creating performance material through rehearsal; performing and working with performers; working with puppets and objects and working with audiences.

Profil absolventa

A graduate from the puppetry specialisation will possess the skills and qualifications of a puppeteer; have attained specific professional skills concerning craft and artistic creation; will be able to use a wide range of acting techniques; and will know the possibilities of different puppet techniques, of object theatre and other unconventional means of artistic expression within the theatre of animated forms. A graduate will be prepared to initiate his/her independent artistic work and will be equipped with the basics of humanistic knowledge, especially knowledge in the area of culture and social communication. A graduate will be able to work as an actor, stage designer, director or musician in the area of puppetry and related arts as an independent artist or as a member of a professional company.


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